Awarded the Environmental Award

A long-standing commitment to the environment.

Beachwood Resort’s long-standing commitment to the environment has earned a special Environmental Award from the Kawartha Lakes Chamber of Commerce. We are proud of this award, to be recognized for all of our efforts, but we really need to thank our guests for their commitment. Congratulations – together, we’re ensuring a healthy future!

Beachwood initiated recycling at the resort in 1994. Along with general recycling and composting in the office and restaurant, visitors at housekeeping cottages are also encouraged to do the same and given the tools and information to do so.

Other specific actions we’ve taken include:

  • Switching to energy efficient fluorescent lighting
  • Main lodge air-conditioners set at 25 degrees or higher
  • Geothermal heating/cooling unit for the main residences
  • Conversion of the pool to salt water pool providing pleasant swimming experience while almost eliminating the
  • use of chlorine and other pool chemicals
  • Paperless reservation system
  • Hanging sheets on outdoor lines to dry, reducing energy consumption while keeping them whiter (and a great fresh air smell!)
  • Off season closing of cottages and main lodge to eliminate heating

We feel we are doing a great job at recycling, informing guests and helping the environment. If you see opportunities for us to further our efforts, let us know!