Greener Guests

Being a Greener Guest:
Some helpful tips for making your stay as eco-friendly as possible.

  • Hang wet towels to dry if you can use them again, place dirty ones in the tub to tell housekeeping you would like replacements.
  • Take short showers to save water
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth
  • Recycle everything you can, help resort staff by sorting please
  • Bring refillable travel mugs when purchasing coffee/tea at our restaurant.
  • Bring refillable water containers – the new stainless steel containers are great – these are available in the gift shop. Fill up right from the tap. Our water is tested regularly, is excellent quality and great to drink.
  • Limit the number of lights being used when in the room.
  • Disconnect your laptop and chargers when not in use – plugged in, they are still using energy. This will also help you to remember your chargers when you check out – we find many are left in the outlet.
  •  When you leave the room, turn off all lights, t.v and radios.
  •  In colder weather, reduce guestroom temperature when leaving the room for extended periods and leave the curtains open to encourage natural warming by the sun.
  •  In warmer weather, turn off guestroom air-conditioning when leaving the room for extended periods and close the curtains to avoid unnecessary heating by the sun.
  •  Finish amenities before using the replacements. Leave behind the unused amenities
  •  Return unused brochures and other literature
  • Leave tracks, not trash – if you take it with you, bring it back. And pick up a few things that others left behind