Awarded the Environmental Award

A long-standing commitment to the environment.

Beachwood Resort’s long-standing commitment to the environment has earned a special Environmental Award from the Kawartha Lakes Chamber of Commerce. We are proud of this award, to be recognized for all of our efforts, but we really need to thank our guests for their commitment. Congratulations – together, we’re ensuring a healthy future!

Beachwood initiated recycling at the resort in 1994. Along with general recycling and composting in the office and restaurant, visitors at housekeeping cottages are also encouraged to do the same and given the tools and information to do so. We have a battery recycling depot in the office and staff are trained to identify recycling items in the general garbage and remove to dispose of  properly.

Other specific actions we’ve taken include:

  • We are currently in the planning stages of creating a living shoreline retaining project as this is extremely important to the health of our lake and to the health of the property.
  • All lighting in the resort is now LED
  • We have a Beachwood apiary
  • We have 3 bat houses on the property
  • A garden is growing provided fresh greens, herbs and tomatoes to the restaurant
  • We use local food products in our restaurant whenever possible.
  • Reunion Island coffee products are served in the restaurant because of their high commitment to sustainability and environment. And it is really good coffee too!
  • Deep fryer oil is recycled into bio diesel
  • We do not use straws in the restaurant
  • We promote Carry Your Cup ( A refillable water station is located in the lobby. We do not offer take out coffee mugs – bring your travel mug with you or take a dining room mug and return it:))
  • Our take out food containers are made of paper, not styrofoam.
  • When purchasing products to sell in our gift shop we seek out local and environmentally respectful products
  • Main lodge air-conditioners set at 25 degrees
  • Room amenities – soaps and shampoos, are made with natural ingredient with in room dispensing systems almost eliminating the use of small packaging.
  • When renovating, we install low flow toilets with higher seats for water saving and guest comfort
  • Geothermal heating/cooling unit for the main residences
  • We have eliminated all oil furnace and oil tanks on the property
  • Pool is salt water providing pleasant swimming experience while reducing the use of chlorine and other pool chemicals
  • Paperless reservation system
  • Hanging sheets on outdoor lines to dry, reducing energy consumption while keeping them whiter (and a great fresh air smell!)
  • Hot water tanks are turned off when units are not in use
  • Off season closing of cottages and main lodge to eliminate heating

We feel we are doing a adequate job at recycling, informing guests and helping the environment but we know we can do more. If you see opportunities for us to further our efforts, let us know!